What we do

In May 2016 the brand F&F Pretzels was launched and stuffed pretzels were being produced professionally in a commercial rental kitchen. Well, what's professional anyway. At the beginning we did it all by ourselves. The dough was kneaded by hand, the cheese was grated by hand and the spinach was washed and dried leave by leave. With adventurous, selfmade equipment we tried to eavenly spread the filling on the dough and on every street food market we took turns or teamed up when selling our stuffed pretzels from our selfmade „Toni“ food trailer. Meanwhile we introduced some more machinery in the production process and increased the number of hands filling, rolling and twisting the pretzels. Chances are that your stuffed pretzel is being handed to you from our Toni food trailer by somebody else but ourselves. But one thing we will never change:

We work hard for a really good pretzel – hand twisted, stuffed with love and only the best ingredients.

Our ambition

We combine authentic bavarian soft pretzels with original homemade dishes as a filling. Here we attach great value to the origin of our ingredients.

We source our South Tyrolean bacon from a regional manufacturer, the butchery Gruber from Prad am Stilfserjoch in South Tyrol. The butchery Gruber processes meat from pigs held on straw. The animals can move freely in the open stall thus stimulating their natural instincts. This way of rearing is considered very animal friendly and appropriate.

The white sausage we receive from the Allgäu butchery Hartmann from Kempten. This butchery is able to look back upon a long history. Since more than 100 years the tradition of freshly processing sausages and meats roots here.

The original Feta cheese comes from Greece. Our seasonal vegetables and herbs come from regional manufacturers.

Developing a complicated and handmade product like our stuffed pretzels and delivering them in a stable quality turns out being a great challenge. As a young and still small company we take up this challenge by growing step by step always looking for opportunities to improve our pretzels.

F&F pretzels are honest pretzels!

How it all began

In February 2015 the two of us, Flo & Flori, got to know each other becoming neighbors in Berlin-Neukölln.

Flori, born in Munich and living in Berlin for over 16 years now, sold freshly made pasta on the markets of Berlin with his „Pastalasta“ food trailer at that time. Looking for a companion and a unique product he was ready for something new.

Flo, moving from South Tyrol to Berlin, had a dream of bringing stuffed pretzels, which he got to know in the USA, to the European market.

That's how the Bavarian came to the South Tyrolean – or how the pretzels came to their stuffing.

Eagerly cooking filling and kneading dough by hand during countless baking sessions at home, our first stuffed pretzels took shape. Soon the result was getting better and better and one thing we knew for sure:

This is something that the world has never seen before and they will love it like no other dish!